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4 Tips to Improve food package design

To Improve anything we need to see what's happening wrong, or where you are leaving the opportunity of making an Impact and you are not taking that advantage .Let's find out about both of these things .

1) Hierarchy: You already know the meaning of the hierarchy but how is it done in package design to make it successful well if you want to let something know about your product to your customer are you working on Increasing your brand awareness or customer doesn't know anything about your brand at that point of time it might not be a great Idea to make the logo most prominent on packaging you should make your product name more prominent in this situation in simple words hierarchy means setting what is the order of Importance you need to provide to customer in order to make that purchase so here is another example to better understand it

Let's say you are getting package designed for a new spicy potato chips and there are some things which you need on the package

a) Logo

b) Product name

c) Flavor

d) Weight

e) Graphics

What should be the hierarchy for this product assuming this is new brand and there are no spicy chips Here is the order:

a) Spicy graphics & flavors (USP of product helps it stand out and attract attention)

b) Product name-(This tells viewer what is this product)

c) Logo-(This will tell who is the producer of this product)

d) Weight-(Product Information)

Note: this can change in each and every case that's why research is done before undertaking any kind of design so please don't take this hierarchy as a rule this hierarchy would completely change if the whole shelf is filled with spicy chips or any small change can completely change hierarchy always hire professional to know what works for you.

2) Product positioning: What is your product positioned as is it the best in class is it the best in value or is it the tastiest or maybe healthiest, your package should always reflect your product positioning in the marketplace because "You can only talk when you know whom you are talking to" without this information Brand are just working on aesthetics and you will very often see these products failing on the shelves because they say they are healthy and they appear like a candy so see who you are and make marketing decisions according to that only let's say you are the lowest cost product how would you attract your Ideal customer you can use a very bold discount symbol or a bold pricing to stand out for the people who want something low cost see how clear it becomes when you know what is your product's position in the marketplace.

3) Sell relief not medicine: the best way to get people to buy what you are selling is to show what they want to achieve(rule is that never promise something your product can't deliever as your product might sell fast but guess what bad word of mouth spreads faster than good word of mouth and you will soon find the product out of store or no-one buying and giving bad reviews will hurt sale of each product of yourself) but you can use it very subtley for example let's say you sell frozen meat just think about how your consumer will use it or what is the Intention of buying the product most probably to make some meet dish which is delicious so why not use a high quality Image of the dish which needs the meat as main ingredient and make it look appetizing by doing this you are selling a Image which is true.

4) Appetizing: Can you make me feel hungry by just looking at your packaging because trust me if your food product packaging can do so Which means first you have to feed the hunger of my eyes and then I'll buy the product and if the product is as much good as much it made me hungry I am your repeat client if not I am not turning back and I won't let my friends buy it as well same as the previous point

Hope this blog post was helpful to you

And if you want to discuss your project you can discuss it with me by mailing me at harsh@siwachstudio.com


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