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How to create custom packaging for my products?

Design by Harsh Siwach from www.siwachstudio.com

Creating custom packaging can help you in a lot of ways weather your purpose is to Increase your sales or Improve your customer's experience drastically everything can be achieved through custom packaging, In this Blog I'll explain How you can create your own custom packaging Stick around to find out.

Steps to create your own custom packaging

1) Product Requirement: Every product has some specific requirement regarding it's safety or necessities in order to comply with rules and regulations so know what are those requirements If you are selling a perishable good you need a totally different packaging than if you are selling a Soap,

In order to know this you can study your competitors or the best thing is to buy the goods competitor is selling this will let you know the type of packaging or the rules needed to be complied in order to sell the product and a lot more things which I'll be discussing next.

2) Goal Setting: Packaging isn't just meant to look pretty any successful packaging should help you achieve your business goal, Is the goal to Increase the sales well then ask yourself what's the obstacle in Increasing the sales you might get the answer like my brand awareness is really really low so what should you do to Increase your Brand awareness- If you are working offline you might need to focus on first glance attraction or If you are working online you should try to make the Package itself & the experience to open the package much more memorable this will help you to Increase your Brand awareness

3) Document Preparation: After doing the above 2 steps you will know what kind of packaging you need so give your findings form of document so that you can share it with the manufacturers and you will need to revisit this document as well.

4) Search Manufacturers: Now you need to search for the professionals who can advise you for the best thing to do next and seek advise and almost all the time you don't need to pay anything to anyone just pick up your phone and call or If you don't like calling try mailing but I would suggest you call as it is faster and more connected way to contact people.

5) Search Designers: In order to fulfill your goals you need to Hire a designer who understands and knows how to fulfill business goals through packaging and who can research your Industry your market and Competitors as this will help you to have the packaging made from the Informed decisions and to fulfill the purpose of the design and make sure that you Invest in this step as doing this wrong can Impact your sales directly because almost 70% of the decision about which product to pick is made at the time of purchase only.

6) Print It: After you are satisfied by the designs provided to you by the designer all you have to do is pass the designs to your chosen printer and hopefully they will do a test run depending upon the type of packaging you are going for after being fully satisfied with the final outcome you should make the Final step which is.

7) Final Print: Yes Now it's the time to give your printer permission to make these packages in the desired quantities

Design by Harsh Siwach from www.siwachstudio.com

If you want me to design your packaging or you want to know something more about the packaging you can contact me on harsh@siwachstudio.com

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