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What's use of Illustrations?

On a Sunday morning, I was flipping through the newspaper when one article caught my eye no, It was not a story of rags to riches or something extravagant but it was an article on the history of a city,

Before you think that I am interested in history let me tell you I hate history but then why I just suddenly got attracted to this article?

Illustration is the answer, In the newspaper stood out because most of the articles used photographs. Well, I am not opposing or saying that photographs were bad but they were just everywhere and when anything is present in such a quantity it's pretty easy to overlook all of them.

After noticing this I felt bad for the writers who are writing these articles but due to lack of attention on their section they are just overlooked and lost but this could have been prevented.

After thinking all this I thought of writing this blog post on why should you use Illustrations?


How many times have you overlooked articles because they just didn't grab your attention or were not striking enough?

The answer is most of the articles are overlooked

But, with the help of Illustrations, you can capture the attention of the viewer so that they can get interested in the article and read it through hence accomplishing the purpose of the Article's existence.


Explaining complex topics through photographs is difficult but when it comes to Illustrations you can easily explain even the most complex of the topics through an Illustration.


There are absolutely no boundaries of what you can do in Illustrations without needing a lot of props and budget you can create what doesn't even exists to tell your story or Information.


A lot of people try to summarize their brand in words but normal people whose Imagination is not as wild as designers or the brand owner will find it extremely hard to connect with the brand but because of this characteristic of creating anything through Illustration brands can easily tell their message.

So just think about it Illustrations can be helpful in getting your information through

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