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Why Package design is important?

Updated: Aug 10

Package design can determine your business success in many ways lets take a look at how it can do that?

To better understand this I will break it down into 2 parts

1) Product Needs

2) Business Needs

Product Needs

1) Safety: Every product has its Safety requirements and based on this only you chose a type of packaging which should be done, which material should be used this is a big influencer of the packaging cost as something fragile will need a more safe packaging on the other hand if you are selling stress relief balls you might not need a super tough wood box.

2) Selling platform: Are you selling in Walmart or at your e-commerce store both will have different needs if you are selling from the supermarket it is always in the hands of the owner when it is in the supermarket they have to keep it safe and sound and then it goes into the hands of the final customer in this case you don't need to prepare it for travel & delivery and if you are selling on your e-commerce store you will need more layers of packaging as sending package without extra packaging other than main product packaging can lead to damaged product delivery and Increase in complaints & order returns.

3) Rules & Regulations: some rules for package design are already set by the authorities as per products or Industries to ensure the quality of the product this means that there is guidance on how food should be delivered and how medicines should be delivered and not the only type of packaging sometimes there are rules about printing some important things on the packaging as well so keep these rules in your mind.

4) Competition: Competition is way too high so it's necessary to differentiate from everyone in the market you might choose a different shape of a box or a different material for your packaging or maybe a whole new form whatever you do standing out is extremely important so always have packaging which helps you stand out in the appropriate direction.

5) Budget: How much do you want to pay for the packaging this depends upon the cost of the product you are selling if you are selling Jewellery you should consider something premium and high end but if you are selling Stationery you can work with packaging which is somewhere in the middle, so see what your pricing of the product is & then choose the appropriate packaging for you.

6) Buyer: Is your product being sold to the premium audience or is it a toy, to convince the different audience you need a different type of packaging this can change from product to product but for example, If you want to sell toys to kids what you want is that packaging should be appealing to the kids so they pick up the package second it should convince the parents that this toy is valuable for their kids in this case you might want to ensure safety through your packaging and to attract kids maybe you show toy through window use bright colours tell them how to play so just think about buyer journey see what matters to your customer and make packaging according to that only.

Business Needs

1) Branding: If I remove the logo and name of your brand can your customers still tell that this is your brand product if not then make sure to inline your package with your brand otherwise all of your goodwill and brand awareness and trust won't even come to your use at the time of making the purchase.

2) Sales: Your customer will only get to know about the product after they buy it but not having right packaging which can't make your customer trust the product or leave them confused or worst case doesn't even get you noticed all these things will lead to drop in your sales but if you use all these things in your advantage you will see your sales rising as well sometimes results might be shocking but most of the time a good package shows slow and steady growth.

3) Expression: Does your customer feel like a part of a community when there is your product in his hand and is it clear enough through packaging that a person who has never heard of you will see the design and get to know who this product is for if not your product might be clarity and always keep this in mind A clear package is a good package

All of these things should be done appropriately Prefrabely by an expert because a good or bad packaging design is the last chance to still win the customer and not let what you deserve go to the hands less deserving than yours.

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